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We are so excited to offer these room sprays that are a great addition to your home. We are so in love with the Amber Glass bottles that are environmentally friendly , non toxic, and just a beautiful aesthetic . We have a range of year round , fall scents, and refreshing scents. These room sprays are vegan and phlatate free . 



, Vanilla Cashmere , Vetiver and vanilla & Lavender Cucumber Sage . Lavender & Eucalyptus , white sage,



Scent notes for vanilla cashmere

1. **Vanilla**: A sweet and creamy vanilla note, often the star of the fragrance.

2. **Cashmere**: This term is more abstract and often used to describe a soft, cozy, and warm feeling. In fragrance, it might translate to soft, smooth, and comforting notes.

3. **Amber**: Amber notes can add warmth and depth to the scent profile.

4. **Musk**: Musk notes can contribute to a soft and sensual quality.

5. **Woody Notes**: Subtle woodsy notes, like sandalwood or cedarwood, may provide a grounding element to the fragrance.

Remember that the specific scent notes can vary depending on the perfume or cologne brand, so it's always a good idea to check the product description for the most accurate information.

A fragrance inspired by "Maple Chai Sweet Cream" might include the following scent notes:

1. **Maple Syrup**: The sweet, rich aroma of maple syrup, providing a warm and sugary base.

2. **Chai Spice**: A blend of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger, offering a warm, spicy, and aromatic character.

3. **Sweet Cream**: Creamy, milky, and slightly sweet notes that create a smooth and comforting texture.

4. **Vanilla**: A creamy and sweet vanilla note that complements the overall sweetness of the fragrance.

5. **Caramel**: Hints of caramel may enhance the sweetness and add a caramelized depth.

6. **Nutmeg**: Nutmeg can contribute to the spicy warmth of the chai element.

These scent notes come together to create a cozy and indulgent fragrance reminiscent of a comforting cup of maple chai with a creamy finish.

A fragrance inspired by "Blackberry in Absinthe" might include the following scent notes:

1. **Blackberry**: The sweet and juicy aroma of blackberries, providing a fruity and slightly tart top note.

2. **Absinthe**: Anise, wormwood, and herbal notes associated with absinthe, contributing a complex and slightly bitter undertone.

3. **Citrus**: Citrus notes like bergamot or lemon may add a bright and zesty element to balance the sweetness and bitterness.

4. **Herbs**: Additional herbal notes beyond absinthe, such as mint or basil, can enhance the aromatic complexity.

5. **Wood**: Woody notes like cedarwood or oakmoss may provide a grounding base and depth to the fragrance.

6. **Sugarcane**: A touch of sugarcane or sweet notes might be included to soften the bitterness and add sweetness.

These scent notes come together to create an intriguing and aromatic fragrance with a balance of fruity sweetness and herbal complexity, reminiscent of a blackberry-infused absinthe cocktail.

Certainly, here are scent notes for an "Apple Maple Bourbon" fragrance:

1. **Apple**: The crisp and slightly tart scent of ripe apples, providing a fresh and fruity top note.

2. **Maple Syrup**: The sweet, rich, and warm aroma of maple syrup, offering a sugary and comforting base note.

3. **Bourbon**: Notes of bourbon whiskey, featuring a deep, smoky, and slightly woody character, adding complexity and depth to the fragrance.

4. **Caramel**: Hints of caramelized sugar, contributing to the sweetness and richness of the scent.

5. **Vanilla**: Creamy and sweet vanilla notes that enhance the overall sweetness and smoothness of the fragrance.

6. **Oak Barrel**: The scent of oak barrels, which can provide woody, smoky, and earthy undertones, often associated with bourbon aging.

These scent notes combine to create a warm, inviting, and indulgent fragrance reminiscent of a cozy evening with a glass of apple-infused bourbon by the fireplace.

A fragrance featuring "Lavender, Cucumber, and Sage" might incorporate the following scent notes:

1. **Lavender**: The calming and floral aroma of lavender, providing a soothing and herbaceous top note.

2. **Cucumber**: Crisp and refreshing cucumber notes, offering a clean and watery element to the fragrance.

3. **Sage**: Herbal and earthy sage notes, adding a grounding and aromatic depth to the scent.

4. **Citrus**: Citrus notes like lemon or bergamot may enhance the freshness and brighten the overall composition.

5. **Green Tea**: Green tea notes can complement the cucumber, providing a slightly bitter and leafy nuance.

6. **White Musk**: A clean and subtle musk note that can give the fragrance a soft and airy quality.

These scent notes come together to create a harmonious and invigorating fragrance, combining the soothing properties of lavender with the refreshing qualities of cucumber and the herbal depth of sage.