Love Elixir & Bliss Soy Wax Candle

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Add a touch of love and bliss with our 'Love Elixir & Bliss Soy Wax Candle'. This handmade soy wax candle is carefully crafted with eco-friendly , ceramic and non-toxic materials, making it a perfect addition to your home.

Available in two sizes, 9 and 11 ounces, this household candle is designed to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. Made with natural soy wax, it produces a clean burn that lasts up to 40 -50 hours. Its delightful prosecco & raspberry scent adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. This

Our 'Love Elixir & Bliss Soy Wax Candle' is perfect for those who love to indulge in self-care rituals or want to create an inviting ambiance for their guests. So go ahead and light up this enchanting candle- let its blissful aroma fill your home while you soak in the love elixir - you won't regret it! This candle does come in four scents . lavender, cucumber, and Sage , Prosecco Palo & pink  raspberry, vetiver & nutmeg , and Palo Santo & sandalwood, Pomelo Apricot Rose.

Palo Santo: Wood with calming scent, used for spiritual rituals.

Pink Raspberry: Sweet, vibrant berry flavor, adds fruity touch.

Prosecco: Sparkling wine, bubbly, celebratory feel.

Palo Santo : Wood with calming scent, used for spiritual rituals.

Sandalwood: Woody, warm aroma, known for its calming and earthy

: Lavender: Floral and soothing, promotes relaxation.

Cucumber: Fresh, crisp, and subtly sweet.

Sage: Herbal and earthy, brings a calming atmosphere.

Vetiver & Nutmeg : Vetiver: Earthy, grounding scent, often used for balance.

Nutmeg: Warm, spicy aroma, adds a comforting touch.